Natural Peoples have a place in history as the indigenous peoples, or natives, of the planet.
Instead of having cultures relating ethically and spiritually to the mass religions that have appeared throughout history, they live and express their own particular way of seeing and relating to life.
The traditions of the Native Americans spring to mind immediately as an example of a Natural People.
Natural Peoples refer to the intrinsic values of Nature, in terms of demonstration of a mystery that has given life to Man and the Universe.
Existence is interpreted as an absolute value of a condition of existence containing every possible manifestation within itself as an overall phenomenon. They display the characteristics of their own special mysticism, understood as Power, that springs from a pragmatic experience in tune with the mystery displayed by Nature. Their experience leads to a concept of individual harmony, of peace and brotherhood among people, of personal freedom and of knowledge without dogma or limits.
This experience has given rise to different cultural identities for each ethnic group among the Natural Peoples, whilst they all remain united by a common experience of point of view and of life.


For ages the mass religions have labelled the Natural Peoples’ world view as superstition and ignorance, while saying nothing about the real nature of their experience. They have put these peoples on display as museum relics, that have not evolved but have survived history as anthropological curiosities.
But Natural Peoples are not objects of study to be placed in the showcases of an anthropological museum. They are not cultures left behind by time.
Natural Peoples are very much alive; beings who, in spite of all the persecutions, are living out their history side by side with that of the mass religions and progressing along their own particular evolutionary path.


It’s easy to quote the history and describe the persecutions and the unbroken traditions of the Native Americans, but we shouldn’t forget that the same thing has also happened in Europe.
This acknowledgement gives rise to the concept of the existence of Native Europeans, equal to Native Americans and the Natives of any other continent, who join the number of Natural Peoples.
The concept is discernible in the traditional identity of those free people on European territory who have always tried to maintain a free relationship with the mystery of existence, finding the strength to escape, first from the colonisation of the Roman Empire, and then from the process of evangelisation imposed by Christianity.
These free people, in their relationship with Nature, have inevitably discovered the same values as those of other Natural Peoples scattered over the planet and have given rise to a traditional culture that parallels that of the other Peoples.
As a result, there are obvious cultural links today which unite, for example, Native Americans and Native Europeans, over and above the geographical and historical distances of the respective Peoples.


Today, the Natural Peoples are very much alive and kicking; a living part of history, each with their own particular tradition. Since each has an unequivocal sense of universality, it has a lot to say in a world torn apart by religious wars. The spirituality of the Natural Peoples can show the way to sense the existence of a previously unimagined universal spirituality.
The spirituality of the Natural Peoples, by relating to Nature, can serve as an example of how to live in touch with Nature itself, of the need to respect it, of the possibility of real brotherhood between Peoples and of spiritual unity deriving from a natural religion common to all the Peoples of the Planet.
It offers a lesson in peace and progress that humanity cannot underestimate. We consider that Natural Peoples illustrate highly important values for all humanity.
They represent fundamental values for Man and the meaning of existence that have not been sullied and distorted by historically biased interpretation of the mass religions and that today can give a preciously important contribution to the evolution of the individual and the Planet. This is why we are working to bring to light the values illustrated by Natural Peoples, so that we can understand them and make them understandable to the general public.

(From "Natural Peoples and Ecospirituality®", by Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero, Edizioni Triskel - Torino 2004)