Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Seventh Session, April-May 2008

The Forum Assembly made up of 3300 Delegates all of whom are Representatives of Native
Communities and Governments of the World Countries

Rosalba Nattero reads her Declaration that contains precise UN recommendations
for the protection of the Native Peoples supported by the Ecospirituality Foundation

The Delegates request copies of the Declaration by Rosalba Nattero

The Declaration
of Rosalba Nattero
and Giancarlo Barbadoro

The Recommendation
of Rosalba Nattero

The Declaration
of Giancarlo Barbadoro

The Declaration
of Brice Tjomb
Ngog Lituba

The Declaration
Menhirs Libres

Giancarlo Barbadoro reads his Declaration regarding the case of Ngog Lituba in Cameroon

Rosalba Nattero and Giancarlo Barbadoro with Ram Dayal Munda, President
of the Indian Confederation of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples
and Ecospirituality Foundation Staff member

Rosalba Nattero and Giancarlo Barbadoro with Margaret Connolly, Founder of the
Retrieve Foundation of Ireland, also pictured with her Delegates.
Margaret Connolly is an Ecospirituality Foundation Staff member


For further information:

In occasion of the "Seventh Forum on Indigenous Issues", the Ecospirituality Foundation organized one of the Special Events dedicated to the screening of the film "Shan".
The Ecospirituality Foundation deals with the defense of the traditional identities of Native Peoples as well as that of their sacred Lands; and it believes that it is necessary to give the widest possible visibility to native Peoples' cultural realities and problems. This sort of visibility should serve as a rightful contrast to the stereotypes at large, as well as a defense for the traditional identities of Indigenmous Peoples.
This is the reason leading to the realization of this film, under the conviction that it could bring the reality of Indigenous Peoples' to the attention of a vast audience.
Due to the United Nations adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the presentation of this film was quite significant.
Through this film the Ecospirituality Foundation wished to show the ancient heart common to all of the Planet's native Peoples, Native Europeans included, and give visibility to the spiritual violations that these Peoples are subject to.
Such violations regard the case of: Mount Graham, the Apache sacred mountain violated by the telescope array of the University of Arizona and the Vatican; the recovery of the Aboriginal Ancestor remains from the museum around the world undertaken by the Wiran Aboriginal Corporation of Australia; the violation of the sacred area of menhirs of Carnac in Brittany; the defense of the Taino sacred sites and the recovery of the sacred sites and spiritual vestiges belonging to the Bassa People of Cameroon.
The film was realized with the precise participation of exponents from Native communities through their interviews held at the United Nations of New York and Geneva.
Music and symbolism were used as a means of adding impact to the film, which as a whole can be compared to a saga rich in symbolism. Such saga unfolds on a precise path referred to the ancient myths of the Native Europeans, as even they are amongst the ancient heart of the native Peoples of the Earth.

Giancarlo Barbadoro with Mnsg. Dr. Kuriakose, Vatican Representative at the UN.
The encounter represented a starting dialogue regarding the controversial cases over the
sacred lands of Mount Graham in Arizona and Ngog Lituba in Cameroon

Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero with Mapou Raphael of New Caledonia,
Director of the Custom Senate Cabinet and Secretary General of the Rheeb¨ N¨¨ Committee.
Mapou Raphael is an Ecospirituality Foundation Staff member

A moment from the Celebration dedicated to the approval of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Left: the Apache musician Robby Romero. Right: a group of Maya performing a ritual dance

In occasion of the Forum, the Ecospirituality Foundation undertook collaborations
with UNESCO for the protection of the sacred sites,
Mount Graham, Ngog Lituba and the Menhires of Carnac

At the end of the Forum proceedings, the Delegates of the Governments
and the Indigenous Organizations share an ancient ritual greeting from the Native traditions

LabGraal's CDs, the DVD"Shan" and the book "Natural Peoples and Ecospirituality"
translated in three languages are on sale at the UN Bookshop