Commission for Human Rights
Working Group on Indigenous Peoples, 18 to 22 July 2005

The Assembly of the Working Group dedicated to Natural Peoples, set up by 1,200
participants, including government delegates and representatives of all the ethnic groups of the planet

Rosalba Nattero, representative of the Apache Survival Coalition
delivering her speech on the Mount Graham Case
Read the text of the Declaration of Rosalba Nattero

Giancarlo Barbadoro, Representative of the Breton Community "Menhirs Libres"
while he reads his speech defending the identity of Native Europeans,
a historical example of the Natural Peoples of our continent,
requesting an intervention in favour of the Carnac Case in France
Read the text of the Declaration of Giancarlo Barbadoro

The audience of Delegates asking for copies of the Declarations of the two Speakers

Rosalba Nattero with Rodolfo Stavenhagen, Special Rapporteur
on Indigenous Peoples, who gave his support for the Mount Graham Case

The celebration of the "International Day of the Indigenous Peoples"

A tribal dance during the celebration of the "International Day of the Indigenous Peoples"

Rosalba Nattero with the Delegates of the indigenous populations of Peru

Rosalba Nattero with Les Malezer, representative of the Native Australian
Communities, who joined the Ecospirituality Foundation

Rosalba Nattero with Tomas Condori, United Nations representative of the Natives of Bolivia

Rosalba Nattero interviewing Kenneth Deer, American Mohawk Native
of the Kahnawake Tribe, (Canada), for the production of a documentary on the Natural Peoples

Rosalba Nattero interviewing Catherine Davis, Maori of New Zealand,
a member of the Secretariat of the High Commission for Human Rights

Rosalba Nattero interviewing Anastasia Chukhman, from Kamchatka (Russia),
member of the Office of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights