Committee for the defense of Mount Graham
In the charge of Rosalba Nattero

The aim of this Committee is to spread the word in Italy about the Mount Graham situation by whatever means possible in order to create favourable public opinion towards any attempt to stop construction of the astronomical observatory on the sacred Mountain of the Apache people.
The Committee also wants to elevate the Mount Graham situation in order to serve as a symbol of respect for the sacred places and rights of Natural Peoples.

Committee for External Relations
In the charge of Maurizio Poletto

The role of this Committee is to nurture relations with other experiences existing on the planet who pursue the same aims as the Foundation, albeit under different names.
The Committee is also involved in identifying the best ways of communicating and promoting the principles and experiences acheived by the Foundation.
The Committee also handles the Foundation's membership promotions.

Committee observing the affairs of Natural Peoples
In the charge of Giancarlo Barbadoro

The Committee aims to develop understanding of the culture and experience of Natural Peoples to demonstrate the values that they express on a philosophical, social and historical level.
The Committee organizes special courses to make the subjects of its work known to the public.

Committee for the protection of the Environment
and Animal Life

In the charge of Rosalba Nattero

This Committee aims to promote ideas and projects to enhance the individual's harmonious relationship with all forms of living beings, with the environment and with the entire planet.

Committee for Psychology and Anthropology with special reference to Transcendence
In the charge of Giancarlo Barbadoro

This Committee aims to observe and experiment into the phenomenon of perceptive states of consciousness and the nature of the transcendent phenomenon which they relate to and interact with.
The Committee holds an introduction course to meditation to make known and to experiment into the subjects of its research.