The defense of traditional knowledge and sacred lands.

The Ecospirituality Foundation intends to contribute to the development of a conscious moral and social identity for Indigenous Peoples which distinguishes them as such.
The E.F. intends to bring to the light the cultural roots of Indigenous Peoples in order to highlight, along with the emancipation of their socio-economic situation, the cultural nature that will give them back their moral identity. This is the identity which distinguishes the Indigenous Peoples against the background of the societies within which they now find themselves, societies which can be defined as "majority-ruled".
The E.F. believes that the difference in identity between Indigenous Peoples and others in the "majority-ruled" societies in the world is not just a question of a socio-economic nature, but also a question of their cultural roots which makes them different from the cultures of those "majority-ruled" societies.
The E.F. believes that it is not enough simply to help the Indigenous Peoples on a socio-economic level, because once they have made a recovery on that level, they might still find themselves in a state of "limbo" with no real identity and ill-equipped to face the pressing pace of the "majority-ruled" societies.
The E.F. therefore believes that they should be helped also to reestablish their true cultural identity and their traditional roots, which would give them an all-round preparation to help them interact with the "majority-ruled" societies and enable them to develop on the socio-economic level without traumas and conflicts.
Such a development could provide the chance for a useful and constructive exchange of values for both parties.

Ecospirituality and Peace promotion in the world

The Ecospirituality Foundation strives to lend a contribution to world peace.
Its work takes the historical case of natural Peoples as a reference point. Such cultures have no ethic or spiritual reference in the great religions that have appeared throughout history: actually on the contrary, they live and propose their specific manner of intent and relation to life.
Theses cultures have a reference constituted by intrinsic values of Nature, a sort of Nature that not only encompasses the mere environment and its life cycles, but above all meant as manifestation of a Mystery that has given life to both man and the universe.
This experience is common among all natural Peoples, beyond any geographical distances and expressive forms; which we define as ecospirituality.
The Ecospirituality Foundation is dedicated to the defense of native culture Traditions and sacred lands, given the belief that they must be safeguarded on the grounds of the respect for the rights of all minorities of every country.
Nonetheless it also promotes such effort under the conviction that the millenary and pragmatic experience developed by native peoples in contact with nature is able to constitute a great cultural and spiritual asset, necessary in providing an example of peace and harmony in the current historical moment.
This proposal is summed up in the concept of ecospirituality. Given the historical period in which the religious and political diversities face off in gruesome conflicts bringing moral havoc on the planet, the experience of Natural Peoples is able to constitute an example of pacific coexistence based on common interests and values that stem from a relation with Nature.
Through ecospirituality, we wish respect for life, for the environment, for liberty to all individuals and for free access to knowledge, in light of the goal of striving to concretely improve mankind's social and spiritual condition.
Ecospirituality, hence, is the progression of the individual and of society by means of the roots of ancient traditions, in all clarity looking to the future, for the realization of a better world based on brotherhood, wellbeing and peace.

Giancarlo Barbadoro
Rosalba Nattero
Chair and Vice Chair
of the Ecospirituality Foundation

Intervention in occasion of operative encounter of the organization "Ensemble Allons dans la Paix - ONG"
at the conference "Ecospiritualité et promotion de la paix dans le monde"
held at "Centre de Formation Scolaire" de Cotonou, Benin - October 7, 2008.