The Planet-wide
Tuesday Meditation

dedicated to Mother Earth
and to all his children
of any species

To give a testimony of peace and spirituality that embraces the whole world,
beyond the cultural and religious differences that divide humanity


A personal moment of inner silence to be shared
with a spiritual community present on the entire planet

Appointment LIVE Every first Tuesday of the month
at 9 pm, FACEBOOK live on
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of New Earth Circle


In the Scottish Highlands, at Forres, on Tuesday, September 2nd 1986, a group of exponents of cultural movements of the meditation area, coming from all corners of the planet, met for an unexpected appointment. They were following those particular signs that often turn into an inspiration for important changes in our lives; they were drawn together by the same desire to work together to contribute to the well being of individuals and of all humanity.
It was spontaneous for them to come together in common meditation that focused the various ideological tendencies into a single spiritual direction; likewise, it was natural for them to try to give continuity to the event.

Giancarlo Barbadoro
On the occasion, Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero gave voice to the intention that sprang from this common meditation,

Rosalba Nattero
proposing to the people present to give a spiritual contribution continuing to meditate and work together, beyond their single schools of thought, to make concrete, through the practice of meditation, a testimony of spirituality and of transcendence that could contribute to peace in the world.
The idea was welcomed by all with enthusiasm, and under the incredible starry Scottish sky, the people attending the event made a solemn promise to give a future to their spiritual meeting and to spread, regardless of their individual dogmas, the experience of meditation around the planet as a laboratory of inner research and of well-being for each individual.

Eileen Caddy, founder of Findhorn (Scotland)
with Giancarlo Barbadoro
That is how the idea was born to set up an organisation, which, on the suggestion of Rosalba Nattero and Giancarlo Barbadoro, was called the "New Earth Circle", referring to the Sacred Circle of those who seek the transcendent that is common to all the traditions of the Natural Peoples.
So, they decided to continue the shared meditation that had brought them together and had called them from the four corners of the planet, in a series of ideal appointments that everyone could join. From this, then, came the idea of fostering the meditation experience through the idea of "Tuesday's Planetary Meditation", remembering the special day of their meeting.
The project was addressed to anyone who wanted to join, with his or her personal meditation experiences, in an event that could give a planetary spiritual testimony.

Baroness Edmee Di Pauli
of London
Among the people who joined this initiative as members of the Circle of Promoters: Mrs. Eileen Caddy, (Findhorn, Scotland), Baroness Edmee Di Pauli (London, UK), Mrs. Arlette Nathanael (London, UK), Mrs. Karyn Martyn-Kuri (Centerville, USA), Mrs. Helen Hypatia Bailey-Bayly (New York, USA), Miss Judith Meynell (Forres, Scotland), Mme Yanick David (Paris, France), M. Leon Moscona (Sofia, Bulgaria), A.A. Thikonoff (Moscow,CSI), Huan Han Tsi (Beijng, China), Ola Cassadore and Mike Davis (Apache San Carlos, Arizona).

Ola Cassadore, leader
of the Apache Survival Coalition,
with Rosalba Nattero
Since that far-off day in 1986, the practice of meditation has spread spontaneously all over the Earth. Every Tuesday, in all parts of the world, at 20.00 hours, Greenwich Time, people of every race and philosophical belief have united in meditation, desiring to give a testimony of spirituality that could set an example for Peace in the World.
Today the initiative is shared and supported by the Ecospirituality Foundation for the experiential and moral position it holds, wanting to contribute to spread and to give its members and supporters the chance to take part.
It has been agreed, therefore, based on the needs of most of those taking part in the initiative, to fix a new appointment, at midnight, Paris time, as the moment of this planetary initiative.
To be part in this appointment, nothing is needed except to set aside a period of concentration and inner silence dedicated to oneself and to the ideal of Peace for all Mankind, each person, following his own methods and practices, alone, or in a group with others who want to take part in the initiative.
Tuesday's Planetary Meditation can be an important personal contribution, which, besides making all of us participants in a noble moral enterprise and contributing to our personal well-being, can open up to the experience the planetary dimension of our world.