The condition animals find themselves in on this planet, at this moment in time, is not just an issue for those who are more sensitive, but represents, above all, an emblematic casus belli highlighting how majoritarian society conditions the freedom of all beings, whether human or animal.
We are observing a continuous massacre of innocent creatures in a merciless logic, which tries to make them appear as objects from which we can procure protein and on which we can carry out atrocious experiments that take the treatment needed for human health even further away.
These creatures are sentient and they feel emotions, such as love and fear. They feel sentiments that are shared between themselves and with humans and it is horrifying to identify with the condition they are kept in.
The problem of how animals are used, apart from the fact of pitying and wanting to help creatures who possess feelings but are considered as pariahs of the Earth, is also, and especially, seen as an emblematic element betraying the true face of the majoritarian society, going beyond the commonplaces it is presented with and accepted as.
This is a society that imposes the consumption of animal products and experimentation on them through opportunism and ignorance, for the financial gain of the few.
Their inconsiderate actions lead to harm to the human species. As an example, impoverishment of water resources, where water is consumed by large-scale farming of so-called productive animals, which are also the source of recurrent outbreaks of viral diseases killing thousands of people every year.
It is not just pity and desire for justice that should force us to improve the fate of sentient creatures, children of our own Mother Earth. Coming to the aid of the animal condition means setting values for a more just and harmonious future society, where there are no discriminations on grounds of species and where all may enjoy values based on brotherhood, freedom of individuals and enjoyment of a happy quality of life in harmony with Nature.
Nowadays this space for freedom does not exist even for the human species, as people are practically forced to act as slaves to over-production of goods as compared to effective demand, merely as a reaction to the capitalist games of high finance. This situation takes up the free time of each person and distracts them from exercising their free creativity.
Productive animals and humans appear to be involved in the same destiny.
Humankind has witnessed great battles of civilization, such as the abolition of slavery and sexual equality, which are achievements that seemed out of reach not so long ago.
Today we are facing the greatest holocaust in History: slavery and extermination of billions of sentient beings.
History will have to take account of this abomination and it will be the next great battle that humanity will have to face, in order to find dignity for the human species as well.

From the book "All children of Mother Earth" by Rosalba Nattero and Giancarlo Barbadoro Edizioni Triskel