Palais Des Nations - Salle IX
Friday, July 23rd 2004,

Presentation of the book "Natural Peoples and Ecospirituality"
part of the activities of the Commission for Human Rights


Publicity for the meeting on the bulletin board of the United Nations

Refreshments before the meeting

Rosalba Nattero introduces the meeting speaking about the Mount Graham case

Giancarlo Barbadoro speaks about the case of the Natural Peoples,
whose culture is different from the culture imposed by the great historical religions

The book, translated into French and English, on display

The audience of delegates of the ONG (non-government organisations)
attending the meeting

During the projection of the video on the Mount Graham case,
with comments in English by Nicholas Youldon

The book on sale at the United Nations Bookshop in Geneva

The director of the United Nations Bookshop, Michèle Pouvreau, with Rosalba Nattero

The two authors with their book