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The Bassa People declare:

We, the native daughters and sons of the Twelve Tribes generated by the sacred Mountain Ngog-Lituba (the Perforated Stone), make a second appeal to the International Community that follows the Manifest of July 15,2006 with the purpose of:

  • Greeting the adoption, on September 13 2007, of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;

  • Insistently requesting the unity of all the planet's Indigenous Peoples, with the intention of undertaking a worldwide effort in protection of their fundamental rights;

  • Appealing to the United Nations for the necessity of ceasing awareness of the will belonging to the native Peoples' of Ngog-Lituba in virtue of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to freely exercise and enjoy the spiritual and cultural benefits of our sacred mountain;

  • Denouncing, condemning and putting an end to the profanation of our sacred land, carried out by Christian religions, with specific reference to the Roman Catholic Church of Cameroon;

  • Reclaiming and requesting, free of conditions, the entire assignment of the mountain to the Bassa, Mpoo and Bati Peoples, through employment of the international mechanisms of protection and registration in the World Register of Human Patrimony;

  • Requesting the establishment and implementation of a mechanism for the identification, recovery and conservation of the spiritual properties common for the Mbock and our other native Peoples of Cameroon, properties that have been confiscated by the colonization and kept in European museums as simple ornaments.

  • Expressing our acknowledgements to the International Heads of the Ecospirituality Foundation, Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero, for the constant support they show towards us and, thanks to their awareness-raising initiative for our cause, to the establishment of a Representation of the Ecospirituality Foundation in Cameroon;

  • To us, Native and Independent Africans, Ngog-Lituba is the only hope of cultural survival for our Peoples, who far too long have been victims of efforts aimed at extinguishing our ecospiritual flame.