24th Session, Geneva 31 July to 4 August 2006

M. Chairperson,

I am here to speak on behalf of Roberto Mucaro Borrero, President and Chairman of the United Confederation of Taíno People.

"The United Confederation of Taino People condems the portrayal of Caribbean Indigenous Peoples as savage cannibals in the recent Walt Diseny Film "Pirates of the Caribbean - Deadman's Chest". We call on the international community and UNESCO to condem this racist portrayal as this form of stereotyping continues to negatively impact Caribbean Indigenous Communties today.
We call upon this commission to begin a study and report on the labeling and racial sterotyping of Indigenous Peoples around the world. This report should include not only media images, but the use of Indigenous Peoples as mascots for sports teams, the use of indigenous images & symbols as brands for advertsing, and other areas which can be submitted at a later date after more consultation with Indigenous representatives."

Thank you Mr. Chairperson.

Rosalba Nattero
Vice Chairperson of the Ecospirituality Foundation

Rosalba Nattero
Vice Chairperson Ecospirituality Foundation

- of the United Confederation of Taino People, Caribbean
- of the Apache Survival Coalition of Arizona
- of the Breton "Menhirs Libres" Community of Brittany
- of the Wiran Aboriginal Corporation of Australia
- of the Confrérie Mbog-Parlement, Cameroun

For Information Contact:

Roberto Múcaro Borrero
President and Chairman United Confederation of Taíno People
U.S. Regional Coordinating Office
New York, NY USA
(212) 604-4186
E-mail: uctp_ny@yahoo.com